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Single Sitting RCT

Everyone nowadays is familiar with the word Root canal treatment also called as RCT. Whenever RCT is advised it creates apprehension in their mind due to multiple sittings and pain. Now with newer technology multiple visits have been reduced and most of the teeth can be treated in single visit. It has short appointments and good success rate. Success of RCT is depends on proper cleaning and shaping of root canal, disinfection and three-dimensional filling of canal system.

Not all the cases are suitable for single sitting root canal, according to Indian academy of endodontics.

Its success depends on

  •  Diagnosis and case selection
  •  Clinical skills of the doctor
  •  Accessibility and pulp status

  • Advantages of single sitting RCT:

  •  Patient’s appointment time is reduced
  •  Reduced patient’s and operator’s fatigue
  •  Advantageous for Physically disabled patients and for Patient’s who require sedation during treatment.
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